Holographic - GOSH!

Ahh don't you just love Little Sisters? Or just Sisters in general, as your own wardrobe/beauty case seems to multiply (in my case 4 - as I have 4 Sisters) times over (and 6 if you include my Parents)...(hmm, 7 actually including the Boyfriends)... anyway, getting back to my point! When they get something NEW, you do too!

 Little Sis comes home with the new GOSH Holographic nail polish ...Couldn't resist a little polish change ;)
Seeing your Sister sporting your stuff without asking is one of THE most annoying things!!!

The vicious cycle continues...

(GOSH Holographic Nail Polish - Superdrug, Gold Bow Ring - Primark, Pink Sequin Eyemask - Claire's, 10 Euro - Bureau de Change ;) )

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