Better Late Than Never?

"Better late than never!"

I hate the phrase. It implies one is sloppy. Who wants to appear to be sloppy? It's never excusable. Or is it? 

I have been debating with myself whether being 'better late than never' is okay; partly because I am generally always late, and not as in the punctual context - I am dilatory with deadlines. Once I have begun the process of procrastination, it snowballs into pure oblivion, and later resurfaces: PANIC and thus a rash, crude interpretation of my initial grand ideas. It is my tragic curse. One I am determined to exterminate from my repertoire. 

What has prompted me to discourse on this issue is my embarrassment and disappointment at my chronic failure to deliver on time (even despite the fact that I always get away with it - I even won the 'Most Likely To Get Away With Murder' award at High School Graduation... is this really something to be proud of??!). I don't want to 'get away with it', I want to get out there and knock it out the park, because I can! I no longer want to worry that next time my excuses won't work. There should never be an excuse. I hate being a let down! 

So, in remedy not only shall I be endeavouring to be evermore disciplined and pro-active, sticking to my own personal deadlines and goals, but also featuring an interspersed series of 'Better Late Than Never' posts - posts that I have been meaning to post, but by the time I got round to it, it seemed too late... BUT I have come to realise it IS BETTER LATE THAN NEVER to realise you need to change AND share inspiring things with others so long as they are still inspiring you!!

SO, to conclude

Here is another nail polish I meant to tell you about, another H&M one - Bella's Choice, I was looking for a aqua/turquoise one for summer, the colour in the bottle looked perfect! However, on application it replicates blue tip-ex! Stodgy and patchy, even after thinning it down.

Anyway, speak soon xx

( H&M Nail polish - Bella's Choice, Friendship bracelets - mix of vintage, holiday souvenirs, and handmade gifts, Silver Bangle - Indian Streetmarket, Coral Ring - Turkey, Silver 'Love' ring - Accessorize, Leather thong necklace with assorted coin/semi precious disks - elements constructed together by myself)

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