Runaway From Me Baby

Oh mannnn, I LOVE Orelia! - This really lovely little jewellery concession stocked in Topshop (- apologies I keep going on about them, but I work there so I'm kind-of absorbed into it... : / )

They've got these gorgeous CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements chunky stone rings in for Spring ( - Monica Vinader style, but with a tiny price tag - a complete snip at £20! I'm getting one as a little Thank-you from my man for spending 2 and a half hours cleaning our bathroom!! (I'm convinced people just don't clean...) 

They're all sooo lovely! Which one to choose...?
Zoe Ring £20

Christy Ring £20

Lily Ring £20

Avery Ring £20

You could stack them with their smaller Sister rings too...

Layla Ring Set £20
Natalie Ring £10

Eva Ring £10

Melody Ring £10

Definitely treating myself to some more Sale items, these are stunning! and £3?! Come On!!!

Iris Earrings £3


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